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  • Approximately 1419 road licenses have been issued by the North Western Provincial Road Passenger Authority for running busses within the North Western Province with the objective of providing a quality and productive transport service to the public road passengers in the North Western Province.
  • Driving Training School

      The first driving school within the North Western Province has been established by the North Western Provincial Road Passenger Transport Authority with the objective of crating lawful and fair- minded drivers under the guidance of a skillful board of instructors. A high level training is provided to the learners by the deriving school. A proficiency certificate is issued to the trainees after providing a formal training. Further, action has been taken to provide employment opportunities to the unemployed youth in the North Western Province by levying a concessionary cost. Decentralized provisions of the Provincial Members are obtained for this purpose.

    Driver – Conductor Training

      Around 3500 drivers and conductors employed in the buses run within the North Western Province have been registered and they have been provided a formal training with the objective of providing a trustworthy service to the general public.

    Office Services

  • This license has been issued for providing services to office workers employed in all the offices in the both districts enabling them to reach their offices safely on time in the morning and to reach their houses on time safely in the evening by covering all the offices in the both Districts in the North Western Province. Presently, the service is being provided for the following roads.

      1. Puttlam – Kurunegala
      2. Maho – Kurunegla
      3. Chilaw – Kurunegla
      4. Omaragolla – Kurunegala
      5. Siyambalangamuwa – Kurunegala
      6. Galgamuwa – Kurunegala
      7. Kurunegala – Pyttlam

    Mobile Services

  • This service has been initiated for the convenience of drivers. The services such as issuing licenses, renewal of licenses, amendment of roads, issue of Driver/ conductor license, paying service charges, monthly running charts, admission tickets, providing additional travel turns provided by the by the head Office and Sub Offices are provided to the drivers by visiting them. This service has become convenient to the drivers who visit our institute from remote and difficult areas.
  • Complain Division

  • This Division has been established for making complains about errors made by bus drivers – conductors and the workers employed in the board. If actions could be taken immediately against the complains made by complaints investigations are made through the mobile number and investigations will be made in respect of the other complaints and redressed.