Road Passenger Transport Authority was established under Statute No. 04 of 1995 on 06th June in 1996. The prime objective of the Authority is to provide quality, efficient and productive service to the people of the North Western Province.

1419 licenses have been registered under 360 roads in the North Western Province. About 2 millions of passengers are daily transported under the licenses issued by the National Transport Commission. Public Transportation is a main stream of our economy and buses of Sri Lanka Transport Board and private buses are operated by the Sri Lanka Transport Board. This public transport service is regulated and administrated by the Road Passenger Transport Authority.

In addition to passenger transportation, various services have provided for public passengers in accordance with the different transport requirements arisen due to the rapid development activities.

Among them, provision of private transport service is a special breakthrough in the North Western Province. Accordingly, provisions have been made to provide systematical school transport service to the children under the patronage of National Transport Commission with the objective of providing luxury and quality transport service to the children, the future caretakers of the country. Thus, the children are provided with quality and productive transport facilities by levying a concessionary tariff enabling all the children in any economical background. This has become a blessing to the children to do their studies well.

The main objective of the authority is to provide an efficient service to the customers by computerizing all activities of the Operation Division of the Authority. We expect to render variety of services through the new information and technology such as issue of road licenses, renewal of road licenses, amendment of licenses, monthly running charts, entrances, issue of additional turns, preparing driver – conductor licenses, redressing errors committed in busses, display of running time table at main bus stands to the passengers.