Compliments from the Chief Secretary

 The world is moving forth day by day with technology. In the face of globalization, we also cannot remain isolated. Therefore, Sri Lanka also has started a successful journey by adapting to the modern technology in many fields. As a result, the North Western Provincial Passenger Transport Authority has introduced this official Website for ensuring an efficient public service.

  Information and Communication Technology has become an essential component nowadays in fulfilling the human needs easily. This official website will be more useful in the future as it will minimize the problems faced by the public, licensees and bus employees in the field as it has been able to record accurate data of them. Adopting the practical application of Information and Communication Technology to their lives by the general public will enable efficient time management and this is a great strategy to overcome economic challenges.

  I extend my warmest congratulations for the enormous mission that has been performed with the aim of providing a more formal and quality service to the people of the province.