Governor's Message

 It is a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to send a message for the new Transport Information System and official website introduced by the North Western Provincial Road Passenger Transport Authority for the benefit of the people.

 The Information and Technology sector in the Asian Region has been rapidly developed and Sri Lankan innovators who have introduced inventions in the Information and Technology sector to the world have been emerged from several parts of the country. However, the purpose of the products should be applied practicality as well as the introduction of Information and Technology tools should be an advantage for the general public and this project launched by the North Western Provincial Road Passenger Transport Authority will be such a benevolent project.

 Although Information Technology of Sri Lanka is growing rapidly in the Asian Region, the usage of technology for the convenience of day to day lives of the people is not at a satisfactory level. The end result of using information technology should provide some advantages to the public and should not have them to spend extra time or money. These technological applications will be very important in time management as time is a priceless resource in the scope of world economic trends.

 I hope that the people of the North Western Province will be able to take advantages of these Information Technology tools in order to achieve the goal of making Sri Lanka economically superior in the face of global economic challenges.